Tuesdays with Shawn Renaud
pOST pUNK . nEW wAVE . eLECTRO . No cOveR

The Punk Bands From All Over The World Who Busted Onto The Scene In The Late 70's, All The Bands Who Continued To Play Out Of Whack Punk Music Of Some Sorts Into The 80's, All The Once Considered Punk Bands Who Eventually Decided To Pick Up Synthesizers, All That One Hit Wonder People Hate, Mutant Disco, Underground Club Hits Of The 80's, All Those Bands Who Decided That One Person Playing The Synthesizer And One Person On Vocals Was Enough To Put Together A Band, The 12 Inch Remix, Electroclash, All The Bands Who Actually Do A Good Job Of Immitating The 80's But Manage To Take A Step Further, Various DJ's Like Miss Kittin, 2 Many DJ's, Tiga, Tim Sweeney... And The DFA!

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